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Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that our former students who passed the exam asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive 1-on-1 training?
Yes, of course, for Premium students within the course, there will be scheduling portals for you to schedule your tutoring sessions.
Do I make payments monthly?
Yes, a monthly payment option is available for both Basic and Complete Students only. This mean you have the option to unsubscribe whenever you feel you are ready to take the PTCB Exam and Pass!
Is there a contract or minimum commitment?

No, there is no minimum commitment. You can cancel your service at anytime.

Failure to keep your tuition current will suspend your access to the course.
Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Does the program provide full lectures?
Yes, from math to pharmacology, you name it, it’s all here.
Does this program have everything that I need to pass the PTCB?
Yes, this course covers EVERYTHING that you will need to know to successfully pass the PTCB Exam!  ‘Nuff said.
When should I unsubscribe?
When you feel that you are ready to take the PTCB Exam and pass it successfully, then our job is done! You should unsubscribe at that point!
Will I get a job when I graduate?

While we cannot guarantee that you get a job, your chances of doing so increase drastically when you become a Certified Pharmacy Tech. We help you gain that title!

Do you offer financial aid?
No, we do not. Because we offer affordable monthly payment options for your education, there is no need for government assistance.
What is included in my tuition?
Depending on which package you membership you choose: Basic Student: Full PTCB Course Complete Student: Basic Student + Private Group + Full Practice Test Premium Student: Basic Student + Complete Student + Tutoring Session + Career/Job Finding Bonus
What kind of work will I be doing in the course?
A mixture of everything. Full lectures will be provided, quiz-taking, listen to on-the-go audios, worksheets, etc. You name it, it’s pretty much here! This program is designed to fit into a busy schedule.
When do classes start?
As soon as you enroll (the same day), you will go through introduction and you will be able to access the information 24/7 in the duration of your enrollment
Who can I contact if I am having trouble with my studies?
There are a number of resources that Pharmacy Tech Lessons provides, 1 on 1 tutoring, email, or call on of the Cultist up from the Cult of Pharmacy!
I’ve heard of Pharmacy Tech Lessons. What does it include?

Everything you see here

Do I need any previous education or experience to enroll?
No, this course was designed with the beginner in mind! No prior experience need to take this course.
Is the course self-paced?
Yes, the course is self-paced!  This means you will be able to listen to lectures on the go in your car, walking down the street, in the comfort of your home while in your pajamas, or in a class room.  It’s totally up to you when you study, and how long you study!
Is it a one-time fee?
Basic and Complete students pay a very affordable monthly fee, while Premium students only pay a one-time fee.
How long should I take the course?
It depends on you, most of our successful students take the course for 2 months.  However, there are some that can get a way with 1 month.  Either way, this course is made to be flexible to your time schedule and push come to shove you can always take it again if you would like.
Is there a private group?
Yes, this group is for both Complete and Premium students and it’s pack with information and even more FREE resources.
What is the passing rate of students who take your course?
As of right now 100%.  No gimmicks.  Our goal is to have 2000 Certified Technicians by the end of this year!
What topics are covered in the course?
Every topic that you see here:  What Should I Study to Pass the PTCB Exam?
Are there any additional fees?
Nope! What you see is what you get.
Are there any extras that I must buy?
No, just bring pencil/pen, paper, and of course yourself to take your classes. Let us bring the rest.
Can I access the courses from my cellphone?
Yes, all Pharmacy Tech Lessons coursework is available on iOS and Android platforms, as well as being able to be accessed on a Mac or PC.
I just have a couple of questions. Who can I talk to?
You have multiple options: Over 500 technicians in the private group, your instructor when you have questions on specific material, your tutor during your 1 on 1 session, your instructor during live Q&A sessions, the team at PharmacyTechLessons@gmail.com. If the questions are in regards to implementing course learnings in real life, you should prepare your questions for the next live webinar or post it in the student private group via Cult of Pharmacy.
How will tuition be billed?
Your tuition is billed each month on the anniversary of your enrollment. For example, if you enroll on September 3rd, your tuition will be billed each month on the 3rd. If you enroll and pay your tuition in full (Premium Students), you will only be billed once at that time.
Are payments automatically billed, or do I pay through the site myself?
Unless you pay for your entire course at the time of enrollment (Premium Students), you will be billed on a monthly basis and payments will be automatically withdrawn each month (Basic & Complete Students).
Can the monthly payments be split between two cards?
No. Since payments are withdrawn automatically and not manually, payments cannot be split between two cards.
Can I access my lesson(s) at anytime?
Yes, you can log in and access your lesson(s) at your own leisure via the student membership site.
Do the Pharmacy Tech Lessons courses work on any browswer?

Any browser should work with a good wifi connection. The most commonly used browser for Mac users is Safari. Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are often used by PC users and are universal to all computers.

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