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Let’s Talk About How Amandeep Passed the ExCPT and PTCB Exams!

This girl Amandeep is just amazing…  Let me tell brag on Amandeep really quick.

✅ She failed the PTCB Exam and at the beginning of her studying her first time she experienced a ton of language barrier issues.

Then she came to us, and went through the accelerated program for pharmacy technicians.

✅ And after going through our program she went on to pass the ExCPT exam since she had already failed the PTCB before coming to us.

But guess what happened…

✅ She found out that the particular pharmacy job she wanted would not accept the ExCPT exam passing scores and certification.

So guess what she did?

✅ She did a little light review in our program again, and went and passed the PTCB Exam!

Now that’s amazing, right?

Not many people can say that they have passed both exams.

What is your #1 goal right now? 

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-O’neisha Biggs

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