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How Danielle Overcame Pharmacy Math and Pass the PTCE in 3-Weeks!

Real quick… 

Let me tell you about our student Danielle. 

✅ She failed the PTCB Exam here first time taking it because she was totally awful at math and she didn’t have the right pharmacy law information when she studied the first time. 

Not to mention, she went and got a “formal” education from her local community college that previous year to be a pharmacy technician.  

✅ And after just 3 weeks with us, Danielle increase her math skills dramatically…

But that’s not all…

✅ Her score this second time around was 30 points higher than what she was actually shooting for! 

Those are some serious results, right? 

Well, Danielle was gracious enough to share a couple of steps she used to overcome pharmacy math and pass the PTCE so rapidly.

And I gotta tell you…

✅ Step #3 is – by far- one of the most impactful.  

  1. Don’t guess on the problems that you are working:  when you approach math problems
  2. Ask your instructor or tutor a bunch of questions and follow the methods they give you.
  3. Teach others:  When you can teach is, this is a good indicator that you have learned it the right way.  Go try to teach someone else the same information and see how it resonates.

What is your #1 goal right now? 

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-O’neisha Biggs

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