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How Long Should I Study For The PTCB Exam?

Today we’re going to be talking about how long you should study for the PTCB exam. Depending on what you are studying, this can cause you to pass it or not. It’s always about the information that you are using to study and if it’s up to date and if it’s the right topic to study on. But for a total newbie, like to say around 1 to 2 months is a good estimate of how long you should study for. For someone who has already taken the exam and failed it, you’re going to have a grace period that you can’t take the exam because that is the PTCB rule, so use that time wisely and study the questions that were difficult for you. But I would say as far as your studying, you need to make sure that you’re studying for about two weeks to a month, I don’t think you should go over that. 

Let’s go into the reasoning why, okay. It’s going to take you some time to read through especially if you don’t know that much about algebra already. It will take you a lot of time as well to read through word problems and how to solve them, knowing the top 200 drugs, etc. That takes some time getting through so one to two months for a total newbie is, I would say more than enough time to especially if you have yourself on a set schedule and regimen of studying. 

You wanna make sure that you’re taking practice tests, that’s very, very, very important! Make sure they’re challenging practice tests that are going to challenge what you have already studied. To ensure that you’re retaining the information and that in itself can cause you to have confidence because when you’re taking a hard practice test, right after you studied so hard you can see that you’re getting the majority of the problems wrong, you need to go back and study more. But if you’re getting the majority of the problems right, then you’re going to feel pretty good about yourself. You’re going to feel like “Okay, maybe I can do this, maybe I can take the exam and successfully pass it!”. That in itself is going to give you that confidence that you need to jump out there and take the test. But if you first haven’t prepared the right way, then you’re not gonna have the confidence when it comes to taking the test. 

I believe that all people that prepared well for the test will be able to confidently go in there and ace the test. As long as you have prepared diligently and studied for the right amount of time and covered all the materials needed, then I can strongly say you are ready to take the exam. Not knowing when to stop studying though, that is something different, that is so huge. I’m telling you I’ve seen some students that study, study, study for a year straight for the PTCB exam, and still don’t get it. But then you have these newbies that come into our program not knowing a lot of algebra, pharmacology, top 200 drugs, and more. But they come in and go through our program, follow the steps, they take the test and they ace it. Now they become the ones that are teaching the person who has studied for over a year. 

So it’s important that you understand, follow the correct steps, and understand what your weaknesses are and what they aren’t. If you failed the exam already, the reason that I gave the timeframe of about two weeks to a month is that you have been exposed to the information, you probably studied a lot already. You just need to focus on those b categories that you didn’t do so well then.

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