How Orlando Got Into Pharmacy School After Passing the PTCB Exam!

Orlando had high dreams for his pharmacy career… 

✅ He failed the PTCB Exam his first time around after trying to study some new found study materials on his own.  

Through speaking with a friend of the family he found us and immediately got in the program after he heard about the results others were having. 

✅ After going through the program on his own he passed the PTCB exam.

Orlando didn’t stop there…

✅ He got a one on one session with one of our career coaches to get some guidance on how to get a hospital pharmacy job in his city. 

Guess what!  Within 3 weeks he had the job and one of the top hospitals in Houston, TX.  Woah! 

He didn’t stop there

✅ While getting experience and enjoying his high paying pharmacy job, Orlando made more connections and applied and got accepted into pharmacy school using his experience, education, and strong resume in pharmacy. 

Pretty cool, huh? 

There are so many career opportunities in the world of pharmacy.

What is your #1 goal right now? 

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-O’neisha Biggs

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