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Are you having a difficult time learning Pharmacy Math? Is it the subject you’re struggling with the most? Fear not as we have amazing tips to help you get better and improve your skills. Pharmacy Math can be a scary thing to learn as there are a lot of variables that need to be taken into account to get the right answer. One wrong number placement and everything goes wrong. So here are 4 tips that will surely guarantee to help you overcome Pharmacy math.

Mastering Word Problems

The first thing you would need to master is word problems. Alright now, I’m not just saying this just because. Ask anyone that has taken it and failed or passed the exam. They’ll tell you the same thing as I am telling you now. Yes, there will be problems on there that just won’t be two plus two equals four. It sadly won’t be that easy. You’re going to face problems that will get your brain turning in different directions to figure out the right way. 

Don’t Use Pharmacy Math Formulas

The second tip you would need to know to improve on pharmacy math is not to use formulas. Yes, you heard me right, “Don’t Use Formulas”. You may be curious as to why I am suggesting you don’t use formulas and here’s why. Contrary to popular belief, formulas are not always the easiest method. You’re trying to cram and memorize those formulas, and I’m telling you, it’ll probably just give you a headache at the end of the day. We’ve heard many horror stories about students who were sitting at the computer, taking the exam, trying to remember that one formula, and just forgot and for that reason, they got discouraged and failed the exam. Please, do not let that be you, okay? There are other ways to master pharmacy math without using formulas. 

Understand Math, Don’t Memorize

Now if you choose formulas, of course, that’s your choice. But our solution to not using formulas is to use concepts. You will need to understand not just basic algebra but also terminology, weights, and temperatures. Those topics are just the general topics you would need to understand to master Pharmacy Math. Let me emphasize that I said to “understand” these topics and not to memorize them. If you have a clear understanding of these topics for Pharmacy Math will be easy for you. Take this as a challenge and don’t run from it!

I hope that was more than to at least get you started with Pharmacy Math. If you do need more specific and in-depth help with overcoming Pharmacy Math then go ahead and join our Master Class! We’ll give you more information and help you with specific instructions on how to overcome and pass Pharmacy Math. 

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