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Today, I’m going to talk to you about Pharmacy Math, and how to overcome your fear of it, how to get good at it, and what you will need to do to improve on it. I believe we can all agree that Pharmacy Math is a scary topic to cover. But trust me when I say that Pharmacy Math is not something you should be terrified to overcome. Before I tell you my tips on how to get better in pharmacy math let me tell you of a real case scenario. I always prefer to use the experience of real case scenarios when it comes to explaining topics; especially pharmacy math, but anything that I bring to you guys.  

Real Case Story

Alright, let me tell you about a student we had and her name was Danielle. Now Danielle was pretty bad at math. We had to work through some things and Danielle will tell you herself, she was terrible at math. I mean, it was almost to the point I was kind of worried about if we could help her at all because to learn Pharmacy Math, you need to at least know the basic algebra concepts. But we were able to work with Danielle. We taught her for two to three weeks strong just on pharmacy math. We worked with her on her weak areas, coached her, tutored her, and got her getting used to working those problems. We gave her some key concepts that she can use every single time she does a problem. After all of that guess what?! In just three weeks Danielle got good at Pharmacy math and went on to pass the PTCB exam. I mean literally, the Pharmacy Math was the only thing holding her back from passing the exam. 

Now, are you curious why I told you about Danielle’s case? The reason is that Danielle wasn’t the best at math and you may be feeling the same way. I want you to know Danielle was not only the best at math, she was probably one of the worst. So if you feel like you are struggling with Pharmacy Math and are losing hope. This story is to help inspire you that you can get better!

Study A Lot And Practice More

Let me give you two key things that you need to do and be mindful of so that you can get the same results that Danielle got. The first thing that you need to do is this; you need to study a lot and practice even more. When it comes to Pharmacy Math, you should be practicing a lot. While it’s good to study you do not want to memorize every single formula. Practice math problems to help you understand how to do Pharmacy math and I’m telling you, that’s going to make a difference in your performance on the PTCB exam concerning math.

Learn With People

Lastly, get with someone that can show you the shortcuts, while learning information for the PTCB exam. You will need someone that can show you through the shortcuts and not make you take all these long roundabout ways to work Pharmacy Math Problems. Each person, each instructor, and each school will teach you different methods for learning Pharmacy Math. For us, as a company with my instructors, we prefer the method of learning concepts and not formulas at all. So whoever you go to be tutored by, they’re going to have their methods. By all means, if it’s helping you pass the exam, stand by it and do it but at least get with someone that can shop you the way to passing and learning Pharmacy Math.

Please do not learn or study on your own. I see so many students, they struggle before they come to us. They struggle so hard because they tried to do it on their own and they’re like “Oh my god, I failed the exam”. Granted there are those students that do it on their own, not to negate that. But for you, I know you’re super serious about passing this exam on the first attempt, and if this is your second attempt then definitely do not do it by yourself. 

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