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"How to Study and Pass the PTCB Exam?" | Pharmacy Technician Study Guide - Pharmacy Tech Lessons | The Leading Pharmacy Tech Learning Program

“How to Study and Pass the PTCB Exam?” | Pharmacy Technician Study Guide

Most students and instructors are stressing out because of exam changes, and future industry changes that are coming.

If I could share one thing with students and instructors this year in one word it would be: FOCUS!

At the end of the day our goal is to help students get certified this year with as less hassle as possible anything else outside of that…. Doesn’t exist.

You’re going to get a straight up answer here, no fluff, no gimmicks! To all my uncertified pharmacy techs, be encouraged, LET’S GOOOO! Check out the video below to get an overview on how to properly study for the PTCB Exam and pass it.

Do You Need to Pass the PTCB Exam? 

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