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Dear Future Pharmacy Tech,

My name is O'neisha and in the past 6 years that I've been working hand in hand with the PTCB organization, training pharmacy technicians to get certified.  I've learned a thing or two that has worked for me to get nationally certified.  Not only has it worked for me, I've been teaching the blueprint for the last 6 years and my students get the same results that I got for myself and that's why I think it would work for you.  

So.. I Used to Be Just Like You

I’ve been you before.  I felt stuck and stagnated with fear while studying and felt like I was going nowhere.  I didn’t know how to go about studying, what the steps were, I was confused on where to look  to study for the PTCB Exam.  I know what it’s like to try studying every piece of material you can get your hands on, only to end up failing the exam the first time and being very unhappy with the results. 

Does Any of This Sound Familiar

  • I was trying to study by myself which lead to me studying the wrong way and overlooking my exam weaknesses

  • I used to use apps and free materials from Google and YouTube which led me to confusion on what was correct information and what was wrong information.

  • I was intimidated by math which led me to avoiding math word problems and failing the math portion of the exam. 

  • I used to buy books and study guides from Amazon and this led me to studying outdated and wrong information.

  • I ignored that I didn’t feel ready to take the exam, and assumed the problem would get better on it’s on, this led me to severe exam procrastination.

  • I was ignoring working on challenging topics on the exam and this led me to not being fully prepared for the exam

  • I procrastinated taking the exam because I had a fear of failure which led me  to not being certified and able to enjoy higher paying pharmacy jobs.

But Then I Discovered the One Secret That a Professor Taught Me That Changed Everything

Then I stumbled upon some information from a professor of mine that had a PhD and understood the structure of exams and how creators go about creating exams.  If not for me being in college and having this tough professor I would not have known this sneaky insider information, but I’ve built all that information into my blueprint and it will serve as a “luck in a box” shortcut for you. 

So Why Does This Work So Much Better?

  • Imagine curing your exam weaknesses and having no need to study alone or fear studying the wrong way.

  • Imagine having no confusion about if you’re studying the wrong information and you will have no need to purchase apps or scramble for information on the internet. 

  • Imagine being happy and confident about pharmacy math and you will have no need to worry about memorizing formulas and what math problems will be thrown at you.

  • Imagine studying up to date information and having no need to purchase random books with fake reviews on the internet. 

  • Imagine booking your exam date with confidence and having no need to keep pushing back the date because you don’t feel ready to take the exam. 

  • Imagine being fully prepared for the exam and you will have no need to worry about the challenging topics other people fear. 

  • Imagine getting a high paying pharmacy job and having no need to feel like a failure because you didn't pass your exam attempt.

So Why Does This Work So Much Better?

Before using my proven blueprint...

Before using my proven blueprint...

Don't Just Take My Word For It

Introducing the PTA 2.0 Program!

This is a proven full solution membership that includes over 48 video modules that cover all of the topics that you need to know to pass the pharmacy technician exam, a pharmacy math course, 10+ downloadable PDFs & workbooks, 10+ practice test, and a 1 PTCB Exam Simulator that is designed to test you just like the real exam! 

OMG! What's Inside?

PTCB Power Play Mini-Course (Worth $250)

  • PTCB Exam Outline & Breakdown
  • Pharmacology 2.0
  • OTC's & Dietary Supplements
  • Pharmacy Law
  • Pharmacy Math
  • Pharmacy Technician Practice Exam

Introduction & Secret Top 200 Drugs Method (Worth $250)

  • What You Need to Know
  • Mandatory Communication Guidelines
  • The Cult of Pharmacy (COP Calls)
  • Your PTAP Assessment
  • How to Use the "PTL200 Method"
  • Homework Unit

Pharmacology (Worth $250)

  • Medications Introduction
  • Therapeutic Equivalence
  • Drug Interactions in Pharmacy
  • Dosage Forms & Routes of Administration
  • Homework Unit 2

Inventory Management (Worth $250)

  • Inventory Mangement Introduction
  • Procedures in Inventory Management
  • Maintaining QA in Inventory Management
  • Practice Exam Unit 1

Federal Management (Worth $250)

  • Key Things to Know
  • Handling Hazards in the Pharmacy
  • Controlled Substances
  • Restricted Drug Programs & Processing
  • FDA Recall Requirements
  • Legal Handling of Patient Information
  • Practice Exam Unit 2

Pharmacy Math Course (Worth $597)

  • Algebra I
  • Understanding Roman Numerals
  • Understanding Temperature
  • Understanding Systems of Measurement
  • Conversions in Pharmacy
  • Concentrations in Pharmacy
  • Compounding Calculations in Pharmacy
  • IV Calculations in Pharmacy
  • Pediatrics vs Parental
  • BSA Use in Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Math Problems and Solutions

Order Entry Processing (Worth $250)

  • Medical Terminology 
  • Equipment for Drug Administration 
  • NDC's and Expirations
  • Return to Stock and Expired Procedures
  • Order Entry and Processing in the Pharmacy
  • Order Fill Process
  • Practice Exam Unit 3

Patient Quality Assurance (Worth $250)

  • Patient Safety and Quality Assurance Introduction
  • Look Alike Sound Alike Drugs
  • Error Prevention Strategies in the Pharmacy
  • Event Reporting Procedures
  • Prescription Errors
  • Hygiene and Cleaning Standards
  • Practice Exam Unit 4

PTCB Simulator Exam (Final Examination) (Worth $127)

You get a 90 question timed simulated exam which gives you a final chance to test your knowledge so you can know how prepared you are to take the real exam.  

Pharmacy Workforce Course (Worth $2,000)

  • Resume & Cover Letter Masterclass
  • Interview Prep Masterclass
  • Mock Interview & Study Questions 
  • Post Interview Masterclass
  • Externship & Internship Match Up Week

How to Get Pharmacy Job Recommendation Course (Worth $1,000)

You get job recommendation training and documents which give you the correct blueprint, methods, and tools so you can get a ton of pharmacy job recommendations in your city and your surrounding area.  

Pharmacy Job Seeking Course (Worth $5,000)

  • Pharmacy Job Seeking Masterclass
  • BONUS Session:  How to Setup Your LinkedIn to Get Jobs
  • Using Job Sites Properly Masterclass

Total Worth Value:  $10,474

Okay.. So What's the Catch? 

The catch is that this is a special offer for a low price, and that’s going to change… And the bonus that I’m going to tell you about is for a limited time, and you’re going to see in a moment why I can’t include this bonus forever at this low price.

But don’t worry, the cost is going to be much less than you think.

It’s much less than it should be based on what colleges have told me.  It’s much less than bloated courses that try to cover this and is more in-depth, accurate, and usable.  It’s much less than hiring me to teach this one to one IF I am even available.  It’s much less than learning this by trial and error where you can lose money AND get zero results.   

WOAH! What Else Do I Get?!


Accredited PTCB Certificate (Worth $1,000)

You get an accredited certificate which gives you the ability to take the national exam through the PTCB Organization so you can get your license a lot faster once you pass the national exam than you would without it.  

The PTA Vault Access  (Worth $597)

You will get dozens of hours of videos which will give you the ability to learn more from specific frequently asked questions about course materials so you can get a more in-depth understanding and ultimately get a better result than you would without it.

What Does It Take to Get In On This Sweet Deal?

You get the PTA 2.0 Program with a total value of:  $10,474

You get the 2 Bonuses with a total cash value of :  $1,597

I get paid anywhere from $100-300/hour for an hour of my time with pharmacy professionals all over the nation, so to work with me one to one so if you were to work with me one on one it would cost a huge amount.

I spent 2 ½ years and $3,000 trying to solve this on my own on solutions that did not work.  I purchased apps, random information, study guides, videos, and books and it still didn’t work.  

If you haven’t had success at passing the PTCB Exam yet, you can go from failure to success story .

Can I Get This Right Now?!

Yup! Once I get more case studies, feedback, and results from my clients I won’t have any choice but to raise the price to $1,999.  

Buy this now, because I’m going to raise this price to $1,999.

As part of this special offer ONLY you won’t pay $10,474 bucks. 

You won’t pay $5,000 bucks. 

You won’t even pay $2,500 bucks

You only pay $1 today to get started and then a small monthly fee of $299 after.

Why Should I Jump On This Right Away?

If you check this out, then voluntarily go back to being lame and fail on your own then that’s your option, and I will refund you.  

You have 7 days, even if you mess around, you STILL have time to check out this product.  THEN decide if you want to keep it or not.  If you go faster, you could even be certified in the first 30 days before the first month is up. 

The longer you wait, the price WILL go up, and your bonuses are going away.  You can ONLY get this here on this page from me, it’s not available for free or for sale anywhere else and only this version has my unique experiences and methods.  Only people who were in my private community the Cult of Pharmacy and apart of a private pharmacy technician mastermind were able to access this information before, but now you have access to something only a privileged few had access to before now.  

You were worried about failing the PTCB Exam, and the PTA 2.0 program is going to solve that for you.  

You will get: 

PTA 2.0 Program ($10,474 cash value)

Bonuses ($1,597 cash value)

Right now for a limited time you will get 98% in Savings. 

If you decide you don’t like it, I’ll give you your cash back. 

You know you want this, trust your gut, believe what others have said already and you won’t regret it.  Here is the $1 Trial Option, Click Here & Get It.

This is O’neisha, love you much, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy this system!

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P.P.S. If you don’t buy this will things stay the same you’re going to not be certified, you will stay where you are financially, and you won’t be able to brag to your friends and family about a new accomplishment.  Will things get worse?  Opportunities will pass you by, you will waste more money chasing magic bullets instead of passing the national exam fast and easy.   Don’t let that happen to you, so you won’t regret it later when it’s more expensive, or even worse, it’s off the market completely.  Click Here to Get This Special Deal.

Special $1 Trial One-Time Offer


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  • Access to Downloadable's 
  • Access to Modules & Courses
  • Access to Bonuses