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Do you want to pass the PTCB exam in 2020 at your first try? Passing the PTCB exam is harder than a lot of people think it is. It’s not your everyday quiz/test you just take in school and especially now with the ongoing pandemic it makes the exam seem harder than it seems. But guess what?! The exam is much easier than you think. Follow these steps to help you achieve that goal!

Solid Study Materials

Pay close attention closely, the first thing I want to give to you is this. You would need to get set and solid study materials and stick with it. One of the biggest things that I see students doing is they don’t get any correct study materials. They get materials from over here and over there and they try to piece it all together and then still end up being confused. So you need to get you some study materials that are efficient, updated, and correct. Get one or two things maximum and stick to it and focus. Please, I’m begging you to do this so that you won’t be all over the place. Trust me doing this method will help you be less confused when studying for the PTCB exam. 

Understand Pharmacy Math

The second thing you’ll need to do is to make sure that you understand Pharmacy Math, okay. 

Now, this is extremely key to passing the PTCB exam because if you don’t know math, you can just forget about it. I’ve seen so many students ask questions like “Do I need to do math indefinitely?”. Now in no way am I saying that you have to be a calculus major or a mathematician, but you will need to know basic algebra to do pharmacy math. Take time and understand Pharmacy Math, see it as a challenge to overcome!

Don’t Overthink and Overanalyze

Lastly, I want you to make sure that you don’t overthink and overanalyze the process. So many students overthink the process while they’re studying and when you do that, you can think yourself into a rut, okay. Study the portions that you are weak at and practice those. Don’t study the subjects that you already know as that will not help you learn anything new. Study the areas that you’re weak in and practice until you master it. By doing this your weak areas will no longer be a struggle.

15-minute break

Here’s a bonus tip! When you’re studying and realize you’re struggling on one specific topic just relax and take a 15-minute break. When studying for long periods our brain can get overloaded with information which then can cause us to get a headache. By taking a break every few minutes it will allow your brain to soak in all the information gathered. It will also help you stay awake and focus much longer than studying without any breaks. 

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