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Give yourself the upperhand on the exam by taking advantage of these practice tests

These practice tests will not only give you experience on taking the exams, but they give you a great idea of the content that you will need to know for the exams prior to investing your money on the actual exam.

What does ExCPT even stand for?

ExCPT stands for exam for the certification of pharmacy technicians.  Now lets briefly go into the difference between the ExCPT and the PTCB Exam.

70 out of 100
1400 out of 1600
2 hours
2 Hours
2-3 Weeks for Official Scores
Not As Recognized
All 50 States
Much Easier (Less Steps)
More Steps than EXCPT
More Difficult

ExCPT Exam

ExCPT exam passing score = 70+ out of 100

Is the ExCPT exam hard?

The ExCPT exam has a much higher passing rate than the PTCB exam.  So compared to the PTCB exam it is much easier.

How many questions are on the ExCPT Exam?

The exam has 110 questions, and 10 pretest questions

ExCPT exam cost = $115

How long is the ExCPT Exam? = Exam time: 2 hours

ExCPT phone number  –  (800) 211-2754

How Soon Will I Get My Scores?

Surprisingly your exam will be scored the minute you send it in as completed.  When you complete your exam you will be given an official score on whether you passed the exam or not.  

Your preliminary score will be given immediately and your official scores will be received in 2 days.

What Should I Bring When Taking the ExCPT Exam?

  • Testing will take place at a PSI Testing Center near you.
  • You must present valid identification.
  • Test must be completed in one continuous session
  • Online Exam at your institution: bring a current government-issued photo ID.
  • Paper Exam at your institution: bring a current government-issued photo ID and two number 2 pencils.
  • Online Exam at PSI: bring a current government-issued photo ID. Please note: the name on your photo ID must match the name you are registered under exactly.

Want to download these entire tests?


EXCPT Practice Exam Download

This exam focuses on the 200 drugs and the math that you need to know for the test.

ExCPT Study Guide

Breakdown of ExCPT

52% Dispensing Process

  • Medication order
  • Third-party payers
  • Calculations
  • Preparing chemotherapy medications
  • Extemporaneous compounding
  • Storage requirements
  • Record keeping
  • Calibrating equipment
  • Aseptic technique

25% Pharmacy Regulations & Technician Duties

  • Labeling
  • Controlled substance laws
  • Inventory control
  • Federal law
  • 23% Drugs & Drug Therapy (Top 200 Drugs)

    • Drug classification
    • Dosage forms
    • Adverse interactions

Pharmacy Technician Certification

The pharmacy technician certification is a good tool to have if you want to continue in the industry of pharmacy, and if you want the highest pay in the field. There are many ways you can go about getting a pharmacy technician certification, see how here. When you get certified, of course, you get a “CPhT” behind your name, so enjoy!

Steps to becoming a CPhT:

  1. Check with State board of pharmacy to determine which exam your state will approve
  2. Make sure you meet the requirements to take the exam
  3. Study for the exam
  4. Apply for the exam
  5. Choose testing site and testing date
  6. Take the online practice test at home
  7. Prepare for your exam using your own personal study guide catered to your needs

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