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So you passed the PTCB exam and is curious as to what will happen next? This is what you should do, first, you should set your goal on a higher paying job. Now if you weren’t working in a pharmacy, but you did get certified, if I were you then I would say to still go ahead and still shoot to go to a hospital pharmacy even though they may say that they want more experience coming from you. If you’re already at a retail pharmacy and you got certified within retail I would also say to go ahead and try to apply for a clinical setting in hospital pharmacy.

One thing you can start looking at as well as other avenues of pharmacy. Examples are Nuclear Pharmacy, Compound Pharmacy, non-profit pharmacy, and more. There are just so many different settings in pharmacy that you can utilize to where you don’t have to just stay at a retail pharmacy. Your best bet to search for the type of pharmacy you want is to search online and explore different avenues. You can also head over to, we have plenty of items there that can help you learn about the different avenues of pharmacy.

If you are interested in Nuclear pharmacy, it is a high-paying job but if you are a woman planning on having children in the future then I suggest not going into Nuclear pharmacy in the future. In clinical pharmacy you pretty much have your workload spread out for you. All you need to do is complete it and then you’re good to go from there. On top of that, you get to have benefits such as paid time off, vacation time, and other amazing benefits you get when certified in pharmacy jobs.

That is why getting certified is so important, especially when you’re in a retail pharmacy or you’re not in any pharmacy you’re just looking to get certified first, it’s important to get certified because that’s going to be your key to the other avenues of pharmacy. I see people all over the internet complaining about working in a retails pharmacy and how the customers are always mean and the doctors do this and the insurance that but once you get your certification, look to go higher, okay? You’re going to find that it is nice.

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